Things Worth Knowing

Tung Style Long Form (names of the moves)

Taijigong (Tiger Mountain Qigong)

Tung Family Fast Set (html)

Tung Family Fast Set (pdf)

Taiji Sword (names of the moves)

First Knife Form (a descriiption of the moves)

First Knife (semi official) names of the moves

Second Knife (names of the moves)


Dui Lien, a stylized Push Hands exercise, (video). This is being practiced slowly with stops so that it is easier to follow. Normally it is smoother and continuous. After long practice it can be done with a lot of energy, but there is some risk.

Very Interesting

Knud Erik Anderson in Denmark is a practitioner in our legacy. He has an interesting web site with quite a lot of information.

In particular, he has a page of articles about Tai Chi that are fun and informative.

Among those articles is a conversation with Dong Zeng Chen, Alex Dong's father, about the training he had growing up in China. He was born in 1947 so is younger than some of us. Here is a direct link to that article:

Last updated: September 26, 2016