T'ai Chi Sword (Jian)

Knud Erik Anderson

1) Starting movement
2) Three rings around the moon
3) The Big Dipper
4) Swallow touching the water
5) Side sweeping, left and right
6) The Little Dipper
7) Swallow returning to the nest
8) Cat chasing the mouse
9) Phoenix raising her head
10) Wasp flying into the cave
11) Phoenix spreading her right wing
12) The Little Dipper
13) Fishing Posture
14) Dragon walking, left and right
15) Birds returning to the trees
16) Dark dragon waving his tail
17) Dragon coming out of the sea
18) Wind sweeping lotus leaves
19) Lion shaking his head, left and right
20) Holding the tiger's head
21) Wild horse leaping over the creek
22) Reining the horse
23) The compass
24) Dusting left and right
25) Current pushing boat
26) Meteor chasing the moon
27) Fairy horse galloping in the sky
28) Lifting the curtain
29) Wagon wheeling, left and right
30) Swallow carrying dirt
31) Eagle spreading his wings
32) Scooping the moon from the sea
33) Embracing the moon
34) Na Ja venturing into the sea
35) Rhinoceros gazing at the moon
36) Shooting the wild geese
37) Dragon stretching his claws
38) Phoenix spreading her wings
39) Crossing the fence, left and right
40) Shooting the wild geese
41) White ape offering fruits
42) Falling flowers, left and right
43) Fair lady at the shuttle
44) White tiger raising his tail
45) Carp jumping over the dragon gate
46) Dark dragon wreathing around the pole
47) Fairy pointing the direction
48) Single incense pointing to the sky
49) Wind sweeping plum blossoms
50) Holding the tablet
51) Ending movement

taiji sword